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Odd thing with my TV sound

I have a very nice 50" Sony Bravia XBR TV.  Last night I was was watching a DVD (it's a great selection from my  Inspector Poirot collection) when I hit the pause button to go down stairs to arrange something to eat.  It went longer then expeted and when I came up the screen was blank.  So I hit the start button and the picture came on.  But the sound was off!  I could not make the sound come back.  Frustrated I got my husband to trouble shoot it.  He couldn't either.  We got back from the DVD part to the cable TV part, but the same problem.....great picture, no sound.  However on the anttena part,(and internet section)  there was sound.  Finally we got it to work 20 minutes later by.........(drum roll please) unpluggng the TV.   We watched it start up and finally there was the sound!  It was both funny and annoying.  I still don't know how I did it.  We tried the help button (really no help) but the sound would not come on.  I hope it doesn't do that again.  Expensive TV.  Don't want to spend another 20 minutes trying to get sound.

Anyone have this experience?

samcannon:“ Made an alternative edit. I love swinging like this!”


All about Aliens

My husband sent me this.  I love it!

Need some computer help!

The font on my computer has changed.  Suddently when I type a text, it's too light on certain posts.  It might be fine when I answer someone's post, but when I type a response in a community, the type is too light.  When the post goes through,  it look normal.  Can anyone help me?  I have Mozella and Vista.

EDIT:  I need to regain clear type.  If that's any help.  Don't know how to.

Happy Birthday!

For a wonderful and very creative person  querita

Have a wonderful birthday!



A warm happy birthday to aglarien1

Hope you have a nice one!


Happy Birthday!

To querita

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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I get a kick over my map on my profile page that logs visitors. I've gotten some interesting places, Such as France, various places in the UK, one visit from Ireland. Five visits from Russia. Then places got more exotic. I've had two visits from India, several places from Australia, one from New Zealand. Finally today from a place I had to look up. The country is République de Mauritius. It's 900 kilometres from Madagascar, making that off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, I have no idea who it was, but it made me realize the LJ is in quite a few more places then I thought.

Speaking of the world. I love roads to heaven (bridges) Here are a few of them...


overdue fine 3 days, $30.00 (rant)

In all the time I've used our public library, i have never been one day late. Ever. Except for today. I borrowed 4 DVDs. They were actually a set, a Miss Marple DVD set from the TV shows. Except the library broke up the set and lent it to me as 4 individual items. They were 3 days late. I had forgotten to renew them. The fine was $30.00. When I protested, and said it was part of a set, they said I would still have to pay the full amount. I gave them all the money I had on me. $15.00. I still fuming when I got home. I had taken some money out because tomorrow was our annual crafts festival. I usually buy birthday gifts there. Now I won't be going. We've been having furloughs at work, so while I still have a job, I'm bringing home less money. It's been 3 years since I had a raise.

I'm just so angry at the public library for doing that. 3 days late $30.00.


is your home town haunted?

Take a look: You never know...



icon problems

I'm having trouble uploading my icons. They don't seem to show. It started a few days ago. Stopped for a while. Also some of the ones already uploaded earlier are not showing. Today I have the problem reappear. Very weird. I can load them up on other sites, but not here. Anyone have that problem?