girlspell (girlspell) wrote,

Super Bowl 7 Jane Austen 0

Boring!  I sneaked off from the super bowl party at my house (again) to watch  a biography of Jane Austen on PBS yet.  Arg...awful, dull and just plain stupid.  Despite the whooping and hollowing down stairs,with the football saga, that show managed to put me to sleep.  Lets face,it. Austen's real life was nothing to base a film on..  Too unattractive and too inteligent to marry, she sat around, wrote books,, got sick and died. I mean, what else was an educated upper class women to do?  This was a fictionalized biography.    They knew her real life was too much of a dud to film, so they spiced it up, inventing potential Mr Darcys that did not pan out.  As much as I love Austen books and hate football, the super bowl won in this case as far as a plot goes.

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