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Thoughts on Atkins

First of all since 1999, I've been 110lbs. Atkins was my first and only diet. Up until I had my child, I never had a weight problem. It was only afterwords that I started putting on weight. at 5'3" , I showed the extra weight. I became a pasta junkie. Not sweets mind you, just pasta, bread, potato, etc. You get the picture. I went though the diet (a very difficult one) before Atkins became the household name . Now Atkins is passe, with low fat back in. I can understand the decline in in Atkins. Most people don't want to give up comfort foods. I can't knock the it though. I lost all of it in six months. Low fat would have done it, but it would have taken much longer. I have stayed this weight through watching my caloric intake. Yes, its nice being able to wear just about anythng and not to mention wearing a size 0-2. I saw a program the other day about the gowing obesity in the U.S. Too much rich good found around us. Obesity has become so bad, they Army has trouble with recrutment. They have their work cut out trying to get a group of young men (canon fodder not withdtanding) in shape

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