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Me and My Skinny Jeans about books and things

What is this abut those jeans? Love them. Left my old boot cuts in the dust. Nothing but skinnies for me. I'm a skinny girl looking for jeans and I found them. Now they have super skinny jeans. Yum...can't wait to try them.

On the reading front....just finished Water for Elephents. Fantastic, though I did kind of cry at the end. Next up is 13 Steps Down by Ruth Rendel. Love her.

Have lost interest in Star Wars fiction. Don't know why.....I just don't. I have since discovered HP fan fiction. They range from God awful to wonderful. My favorute so far Harry Potter an the nightmares of futures past. Plot not original...but who it. I think the only Han/Leia I'll read is from Ivylore. Hope she updates her site.

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