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I get a kick over my map on my profile page that logs visitors. I've gotten some interesting places, Such as France, various places in the UK, one visit from Ireland. Five visits from Russia. Then places got more exotic. I've had two visits from India, several places from Australia, one from New Zealand. Finally today from a place I had to look up. The country is République de Mauritius. It's 900 kilometres from Madagascar, making that off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, I have no idea who it was, but it made me realize the LJ is in quite a few more places then I thought.

Speaking of the world. I love roads to heaven (bridges) Here are a few of them...



Aug. 14th, 2012 07:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Icons....
I checked your icon page. You took down the ones I had. The two rachel ones from innovativer and the swinging one from chernuha That is a Russian maker who gave me that. I appreciate it that you took that one down too.

I didn't originally put down "don't take" because I assumed no one would just take my icons with my name on it. Not too many Rachels on lj I guess. Please ask me in the future if you want to take a Rachel one. Some (like the one I'm using for this post) I paid for.

You should also join the communities I am a member of if you want any personalized icons.

One of them is juicy_grapes and hypnotiic They both have one maker (aglarien1) that offers personalized icons. Just join. It's free, no big deal. There are Russian makers too, but some don't know very much English. One of those is gold_lily_pics You seem to like her icons. It's easy to join that community too. sanya4 is a great maker and a personal friend of mine. You should join her journal too. If you want to take any icons from them, just comment if it's alright to take, etc.

Thank you for contacting me. It's much appreciated.



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